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Trusted Advisory

We help our clients;​

  • Locate the most feasible solutions for their organization​

  • Reduce their time and material spendings in their projects.​

  • Create and improve effective, efficient, sustainable and accessible anti-fraud and compliance programs.​

We provide independent, broad and deep business expertise for risk and vulnerability assessments, gap analyses to help our clients to increase their strength against fraud and financial crimes.

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Model Management

End-to-end assessment of fraud detection models to achive and maintain the operational goals

  • We help your organization generate most feasible transaction monitoring models against the local and global fraud trends.​

  • We can provide Enterprise fraud detection and prevention models complying with the regulations like PSD2.​

  • Business consultancy, guidance and supply of our experience and expertise in order to strengthen your existing models.​

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Technical Consulting

  • Project consultancy, guidance in order to achieve successful projects.​

  • Custom model developments​

  • Post delivery healthchecks and support services

Implementation, System Updates and Technical Support

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We share our deep expertise by pr custom training and workshop programs tailored on your business needs

  • Business Trainings for transaction analysts​

  • Case management trainings​

  • Management reporting trainings​

  • Fraud awareness trainings for employees, clients and business partners​

  • Post delivery trainings for business and technical teams